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Child Custody is easily the most important aspect of any Family Law case.  Every parent knows how much effort, sacrifice, and love goes into raising a child.  When two parents can no longer agree on the aspects of raising a child, the Court will insert its best judgment in place of the parents.  This can often result in feelings of helplessness and frustration, especially when you realize that these orders can be in place until the child or children become an adult.

We are Tyler M. Crawford and Kerry J. Doyle, and we are the co-founders of Crawford and Doyle, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether your child custody case is amicable, messy, or somewhere in-between, we offer many services and fee structures that best fit your needs.  With our hourly fee or unbundled flat fee structures, we can tailor our representation from full service representation to simply making sure that your voice is heard at your upcoming hearing.  At our initial consultation, we will discuss the child custody process in Nevada and determine what your next step is to fight for custody of your children or to protect your current custodial rights.

Whether you have never been to Court before, or your custody case is several years old, we are here to help.  At Crawford & Doyle, we have handled countless custody cases ranging from simple stipulations to extremely contentious custody battles.  Let us put our experience to work for you so that you can have the most favorable outcome possible.

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